Let's be honest: mornings are hard. For those who can't drag themselves out of bed or away from the office, Rise & Design hosted its first bad and boozy cocktail hour in June at Curio. From 5 to well past 10pm, new friends came and went in the balmy summer evening.


The vibe is casual, more relaxed than Friday mornings, some opting to bring spouses or significant others. Located just south of downtown, Curio is a centralized location for end of day hangs, narrow to encourage vulnerable discussion. Unofficial R&D photographer, Christa Kimble, was on hand to capture the skilled hands of barkeeps, Ben and Caed, as they deftly mixed stiff drinks with heavy pours.

Mixing spirits produce complex and vibrant cocktails. We believe the creative spirit also becomes more potent when we mix and mingle. Join us every summer month (June-September) on Wednesdays from 5-7ish, and add a dash of your craft to our community. We think you're top shelf!