This past month, Ryan Appleton from Satellite Office, graciously allowed us to pick his brain regarding the agent/art representative facet of the creative industry in Rise & Design’s first-ever AMA (Ask Me Anything!) session.  

Ryan provided valuable insight on if /when hiring on an agent is the right move for one’s company and the affects doing so will have thereafter, for small businesses all over the spectrum. 

For Satellite Office in particular, they are more than simply an art rep/agent, but rather they work with designers closely on projects and act as an extension of the artists to help them expand in their work.  Approximately only one-third of his job description is finding work for artists, with the remaining two-thirds being assisting artists with what they need to complete projects for clients (whether it’s sketching, photo and video editing, or going to the grocery store and buying all sorts of Mars Candy snacks!) 

From a more traditional aspect, agents are also incredibly helpful not only in helping designers find work, but also negotiating terms, conditions, and pricing for projects.  Often times, artists struggle with quoting a price for their work, typically undervaluing the cost.  However, an art rep can help with this, recognizing what a fair price would be for a particular project and the steps involved throughout the creative process to get to the final work.  Clients are sometimes unaware of everything that is involved in a project, so by creating a detailed invoice that outlines all of the steps and final pieces they are receiving, they are more likely to understand why the quote for a project is what it is. 

Again, we thank Ryan for his time and informative answers from our AMA!  Visit our directory if you'd like to get in touch with him or any of our other talented creatives!  We look forward to having more of these in the future with professionals from different industries.  Our next AMA will be in September, featuring Ali Aried, who will chat with us about small business accounting.  Hope to see you guys then!


The Rise & Design Crew