Hello all, we have an important announcement today!

After much deliberation, the Rise & Design crew will be changing our format slightly in March.  Due to the popularity of our meet-ups and because of spacial restrictions, we've maxed out our monthly events at 30-35 attendees; this size keeps our conversations group-centric, allowing everyone to participate in the primary discussion. 

Starting with our March 2nd meet-up, Rise & Design seats will be $3/person and purchasable through the RSVP page.  One of the reasons for this is that we've noticed not all who RSVP can attend.  Life happens, but we'd like those who are able to always have a seat available.  With this new format, when tickets are gone, they will not be available until the next month goes live.  (Make sure to sign up for our monthly newsletters so that you will know when tickets are available!)  Not only will these tickets help cover the space, but our long-term goal is that they will also help cover maintenance costs (such as food and coffee) and eventually, AMA's to bring in more specialized speakers outside our expertise!

Rise & Design allows us to foster a supportive community, one with communal advancement at the helm.  This venture will remain not-for-profit, as this provides the greatest service and has always been at the heart of why we started this meet-up.  We desire to improve the experience for any that wish to attend!  If you have any suggestions on how we can continue improving, please email us!  We have also recently created a Slack channel for anyone interested in helping us volunteer a few hours or join in on outside discussions.

Thank you all!
Danielle & Yao