The first Friday in April is going to extra exciting this year, everyone.

Making that jump from a solo creative genius entrepreneur to an agency is a pretty giant leap. Like, Niel Armstrong level. Or at least it can seem like it. There are a ton of things to think about: management, processes, client acquisition to sustain employees, office space, rebranding, hiring, trusting your staff, payroll...shall I go on?

But that leap to an agency can help you level up. Having a team will allow you to focus on the parts of the business that you totally love. You can land bigger clients all while (hopefully) working less...and see people more often in real life because you're not just working from home all the time...

Luckily for us, Lacey of ZoCo Design has made that giant leap and she's willing to come to Rise & Design to let us poke her with all our questions. It's one small step for a solopreneur, one giant leap for creative kind. Yeah, I got cheezy.

Who is Lacey?

Lacey is the Founder and Principal of ZoCo Design, a brand strategy and user experience agency in the heart of Grandview.

A small shop, Lacey has experienced first hand the change that happens while evolving ZoCo from a studio of one to a studio of a dozen—feeling the pressures of wearing every hat and the dangers of owning roles you don't love, all while trying to stay true to the values that brought ZoCo to life in the first place.

Five years in, Lacey finally feels like she's found her sweet spot and is excited to share her experiences with the Rise & Design community!

See you April 6th!



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