Hello everyone!

For our upcoming July 6th meet-up, we are delighted to have Anoo Vyas join us for the last AMA (Ask Me Anything) of the year! It's rare enough to talk to a lawyer outside of an actual legal case that may have come up, but even more rare to have that lawyer be one who just happens to specialize in working with small business creatives!

Lucky for us, Anoo is very familiar and delights in talking with entrepreneurs and makers. He is even the lawyer in resident for Midwest Craft Con!

In July, he will be sharing his expertise and advice on how to adequately protect our work and intellectual property, as well as how to read contracts. You will have an opportunity to ask him any questions that you've always wondered about but never knew the right person to ask. Running a business comes with a lot of stress and anxiety, but understanding the legal side of it shouldn't be one of them. Anoo will be here to give us some simple but important steps we can take to build a more sustaining business!

Anoo Vyas: lawyer, professor

Anoo Vyas is a business lawyer and the current Co-Director of Center of Experiential Learning at the University of Akron. In previous years, he has taught Business Planning Law, Internet Law, and the Small Entrepreneur and Economic Development (SEED) Legal Clinic through University of Akron. With his work at the SEED clinic, he was able to help small businesses and nonprofits navigate through business and intellectual property legal matters. In addition to his many academic merits, he was also part of the nineteen-attorney team representing Obama-Biden 2008 in Ohio litigation related to the United States Presidential Election!

His work as Supervising Attorney at a Legal Aid Domestic Violence Clinic also advocated on behalf of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. His law review article on reforming patent law was named one of the best law review articles in the nation related to intellectual property law in 2015.

We know this event is going to be jam packed with great information and questions, make sure you grab a ticket before they are gone. See you all on July 6th!


Yao & Danielle