Christopher Wilson had his name pulled out of the hat as the lucky victim of our newest Creative Spotlight series.

Each month we’ll highlight a fellow Rise & Designer, because we are all so awesome and you know there are people in the studio that you just wish you had more time to talk to. But let’s be real, this series is really because Anna (that’s me) just wanted an excuse to talk you all more.

Christopher's journey began back in high school where he discovered his love of architecture. It's leading him on a journey to find the balance between digital and fine arts.

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Meet Christopher

Tell me about your creative journey.

Right now I’m actually in a transitional period between fine arts and digital art.

After years of college, travel, and the experiences I’ve been through I realized I’m not the most patient person, which is needed for fine arts. Graphic design is much more my speed.

Right now I’ve been doing a lot of woodworking outside of digital and graphic design. I still need to do something that’s dirty and hands on.

With graphic design, I’ve been working on a lot of logos, occasional branding, icons, and illustration.

fro bro studios woodworking

Why woodworking?

My high school was set up like an art school, actually. I chose architecture and my senior internship was a woodworking place where I designed furniture.

My grandad was a carpenter and I just say it skipped a generation! My brothers and sisters decided to be radiologists and nurses. I came from a nursing family but I decided to be an artist because, well, I don’t like hospitals.

I went to college for illustration but my attention was more towards graphic design. The past couple years I needed something more hands on. I didn’t want to go all digital so I went back to woodworking part time.


What inspires you?

The big answer would be traveling. I often travel a lot, but I haven’t done as much this year. I like traveling to big cities because I’m always interested in architecture and looking at structures.

Music really inspires me. I listen to hip hop and it always gets me going and keeps my mind fresh. Half the time it’s the lyrics and the other half is the beats: they just get you going.

Right now I’ve been listening to Young Jeezy a lot. I find his first studio album very motivational.

fro bro christopher wilson

Is there an artist you look up to?

I follow the architecture group BIG and Bjark Ingels closely. I think his work is one of the most thought-out in the industry. A lot of his stuff is pretty funky.

I find his process to be very thorough and also very refreshing because it’s kind of similar to how I often work.

I’m always thinking of the step by step and the alternate routes to take.


What is your most recent favorite show?

I will admit I’ve been watching Gundam, an anime series. Gundam has been around since the late 70s and the whole theme of is anti-war message involving super robots. I enjoy this latest one because it’s mainly about high school kids who play with toys and then go online and play those toys as well.

Do you have a pro tip you want to share?

If you’re in a funk, just go people watch in a very large crowd: write, draw, take notes, absorb.

Spend an hour out and about. 9 times out of 10 often this gets my creative juices flowing.


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