Lindsey Billingsley, avid ultimate frisbee player and graphic designer extraordinaire, got her name pulled out of the basket for the final Creative Spotlight of the year!

I feel particularly thrilled because (fun fact) Lindsey and I went to high school together and she played soccer with my sister. She was always the ‘artsy’ person, but after she graduated we lost touch, only to be reunited on the frisbee field.

Now we all get to learn about her journey together.

...Damn, that was cheesy.

But that’s just how I’m rolling today.

Lovingly interviewed and written by Anna.

Tell me about your creative journey.

I’ve always loved art as a kid, but when I chose a college I chose a liberal arts school instead of trying to go to an arts-only school. I loved other things too and to be honest, I was always concerned about making money with my art.

It was a big fear! That’s why I went down the path of graphic design- I knew I could support myself a bit easier than with fine arts painting or illustration.

I love the problem-solving aspect of graphic design. All of my favorite games are problem-solving puzzles. I like figuring out what works or doesn’t work. Sometimes it can be really frustrating, but working through the process to get to the final product that you’re proud of? I love it.

How did you come to that decision?

My path to graphic design was really a sequence of great advisors and mentors.

I had a really amazing teacher in high school. He really pushed me and gave me a safe pace to let me get into anything I wanted to do. By the end, I was pretty sure I wanted to do art.

I went to Otterbein, which has a pretty decent art program. A professor there also really helped me. It was him that I asked what I could do to get as far and as quickly as possible to start paying off my student loans. He sent me down the path of graphic design.

CSCA was a big help when I started really diving into graphic design. I had an amazing experience being mentored by Jeremy Slagle. He helped answer my questions and build an online portfolio. He’s really amazing! He does help if you just ask.

Paul Davis, who works at Ologie now, and I kind of followed each other through Otterbein. He was the leader of Starving Artists when I was in high school and the person that showed me around Otterbein. He really sold Otterbein to me and was CSCA president when I was starting to volunteer. I ended up leading Starving Artists after him.

I got to know a lot of people through CSCA. Actually, almost all of my jobs as a graphic designer I’ve gotten through knowing people through that organization.

What inspires you?

Even though I don’t go to CSCA as often as I would like, every time I go to a speaker event, a gallery opening, or a meet up like Rise & Design, I’m always super inspired by other people.

Part of me like “Whoa! I should be doing more!”

Or “I could do that!”

Is there an artist you look up to?

Jessica Hische does really cool things. I even met her at a CSCA event.

All I could think was “You’re a real-life human and I want to do work half as good as you!”


What is your most recent favorite podcast?

I love listening to podcasts.

My favorite is called The History Chicks- they take a woman from history and give you an overview of what’s going on in the time she was around and a deep dive of all the things that she impacted over her life.

They’ve talked about a very wide variety of women and it’s always super interesting.

Highly recommended.


Do you have a pro tip you want to share?

Don’t stress out too much.

Graphic design is great and having a vision is great and good, but at the end of the day, if something doesn’t work out, no one is going to die.

You might not win that job or get that promotion- but in the end, you’ll be fine.

It’s not the end of the world.

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